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.: How to connect to FreeDMR446 Ireland :.


Add here FreeDMR_IRL. No password required.
From FreeDMR446 connect on TG272538.

DMR Hotspot settings

Host : unmsomci.myvnc.com, Port : 62031, Password : passw0rd. DMRId also needed. If you don't have an Id, contact Ollie at omcicomp@gmail.com. Ham DMRIds are welcome to join. Drop us an e-mail for more information.


DVSwitch Mobile from the Google play store : DVSwitch Mobile. Contect us at omcicomp@gmail.com for details on how to connect.
USRP Client form your PC and USRP HTML Client from Internet browser is also available.


DVSwitch Mobile and USRP Clients can connect to our reflector. Contact us for more details.